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Why LUZ?

LUZ. It's the Spanish word for 'light'. These days LUZ wants to create 'enlightenment.' This is done by giving you something small that creates a great feeling. It's a high-quality jewellery collection with a symbolic value accessible to every fashionista. Get enlightened!

That’s why LUZ!

LUZ is a new jewellery brand that stands for the free and fashion conscious fashionista. LUZ's mission is to enchant and inspire you. Today's purchases are made quickly, in quantity and on the spur of the moment without any real enjoyment of the product. LUZ wants to re-ignite the feeling of durability, uniqueness and passion.
The designs have a fashionable twist and are often in fine styles. The jewellery represents a symbolic value and is made of (16 carat) gold and silver filled steel with a brushed effect on the charms.
Apart from these fine styles the brand also makes several statement pieces; these are bombastic items that are striking in their colour and use of materials.

Meet LUZ.

LUZ jewellery was established by Loes Termeer. Loes is a purchaser of so-called 'fast fashion' accessories for fashion brands. Through her work she has recognised a need amongst her customers which she has not yet filled. This is the demand for fine, qualitative and durable gold and silver jewellery. A piece of jewellery that radiates a personal value. This is how the idea of her own brand was born.

"I really enjoy very much developing accessories for a wide target group and being busy with the fashionista who loves fashion accessories. I am convinced that with my own durable brand I can offer something extra by alternating 'fast fashion' items with jewellery representing a certain symbolism of a longer duration."

Loes is inspired in this by the latest trends, trips she makes to London, Paris, Milan for instance and her many lady friends. She has translated this into a high-quality jewellery collection which is accessible to everybody. "I would love to see Luz really being considered as a gift. I want to give people something small which makes a big gesture. It's not only women of my age who wear my collection, even my grandmother who is nearly 100 years old has a LUZ bracelet and she wears it all the time!"